Craig Stahlke for Pembina Trails School Trustee

Craig Stahlke is a long term Charleswood resident, husband, father and Chartered Professional Accountant who has dedicated his entire career to working as Secretary-Treasurer for Pembina Trails School Division.

Craig Stahlke for Pembina Trails School Trustee

Please see the Postings page of this website for a posting with respect to Education property taxes and funding and information with respect to the 2023/24 Budget.

I believe that a high quality and effective education of the students in this, and all school divisions, is essential to the future of our society.  All of our students should be provided with the educational programming, services and opportunities which will allow all students to achieve their own potential.  This should be the primary focus of the Board of Trustees.  This success is achieved through the most appropriate use of the resources available, exercising the proper and prudent stewardship of the financial resources of the Division, ensuring a safe, caring, inclusive and welcoming school environment, supporting the work of all of the Division’s staff and fostering a creative vision for the future.


Craig StahlkeAn effective Board will bring added value to the work of the Division when it reflects Trustees who bring a diversity of skills, experiences and perspectives.  The Board of Trustees has similar responsibilities to those of the Board of any large and complex organization.  The Board is not only responsible for our core function of the education of students but all of the support activities of business, financial, legal, human resources, information technology, communication, advocacy and legislative mandates.

I know that my own skills and lengthy experience in the Pembina Trails School Division as Secretary-Treasurer will allow me to bring a positive contribution to the work of the Board and help to achieve the success for our students and meet our comprehensive responsibilities identified previously.  On October 26, 2022, I ask for your vote for Pembina Trails School Trustee.


On Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Vote Craig Stahlke For
Pembina Trails School Trustee, Ward 1