Craig Stahlke for Pembina Trails School Trustee

My Vision, My Promise

What an Elected Board Should Prioritize

The responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are comprehensive.

Our efforts and time should focus on the following:

  1. Advancing the goals of the Pembina Trails Expectations for Student Learning, which include all students graduating from high school, meeting standards for literacy and numeracy by Grade 8 and ensuring that all students are personally and intellectually engaged in their learning;

  2. Allocating the resources available to the Division (through its budget development) in such a manner as to ensure that all of the students receive the educational programming and services that they need in all areas in order to reach their potential;

  3. Providing an environment which promotes and fosters critical and independent thinking for students;

  4. Providing opportunities for students to work together as part of teams to develop the skills to work collaboratively with others towards common goals;

  5. Working with the Senior Administration to continually review, update and execute strategic plans and plans of action;

  6. Working as a collaborative and professional group of Trustees to meet all the obligations of the Board which includes but is not limited to financial stewardship, supporting the work of the Division’s staff, providing the resources to carry out the various support activities for the education function, and meeting our legal, legislative and administrative obligations of the school division

  7. Representing the views of the communities to the Board and representing the Division to the communities.

On Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Vote Craig Stahlke For
Pembina Trails School Trustee, Ward 1